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5 reasons why I should still be a stay at home mom even when we barely afford it

a raven soaring on the wind

consider the ravens

you are valuable than they

you’ll be provided

Should I still be a stay at home mom despite of our financial situation? That is the question I have to ask myself after receiving a small amount from my husband this week.

He does not even make it to 5K – our sufficient weekly budget to live better here in the City. I sighed, knowing that I can make better than this if I am the one who’s working.

Will this be the end of my martyrdom? Would I choose to work now?

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7 Things We, Christian Bloggers often Forgets

Cheerful Woman’s Haiku Today

diligent purpose

not a silhouette fading black

ink on paper drop

It’s just the other day that I came to think how my words as a professed Christian Blogger impact you, Cheerful friends! Suddenly, God touches my heart to remind me of the thing I might have been forgotten. The things that should have been the real reason why I blog in the first place.

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Motivate! 8 Secrets of Successful Parenting a Book Review


Hi friends! Sorry if it is only today that I have to review a book next to Fascinating Womanhood. This is because you know that I have to read a book thoroughly before I will be able to review it for you. I don’t want to give you false information or convince you to buy or read a book that is not worth your money and your time.

Motivate! 8 Secrets of Successful Parenting a Book Review (1)

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About the Author:

So, Motivate! 8 Secrets of Successful Parenting was authored by Christian couples Peter and Deona Tan-chi. It was written after 40 years of intentionally parenting their children–the five of them. Now, their children were all happily married with children on their own.

I first saw Pastor Peter Tan-chi at Christ Commission Fellowship (CCF) church. He is the Founder and Senior Pastor of this church, a church- planting movement that has grown to over 70,000 members in the Philippines alone.

What enticed me to buy the book?

The first time he announced that this book is already available for purchase, I was already interested but I hesitated to buy it. In fact, it took me two months before I finally decided to purchase it (I’ll have to put it first on my wish list because it is also quite expensive, this is against my frugal endeavor). When I finally did, the book’s Php50.00 discount was already gone. I have to pay Php350.00 at the CCF’s Bookstore, hah! I regret having to lose my discount!

Also, I don’t like to buy it at first because I have the impression that this book would be like all the other books I have bough about parenting.  You know, I am a wide reader and at this point I have done reading maybe fifty books about parenting already.

One book I have read before stated that there are plenty of books written about a certain topic only for the purpose of earning money. How? They just create books because it is required by their publishing company  not because of conviction and real value for the readers.

After two months, though I finally give-in, I can’t fight the urge to buy that book (my Bibliophile nature calls me so). I bought the book and read it during break time at the office, while I am pooping and before going to bed. The time of reading varies depending on when I am available.

How do I find the book?

In one word, I’d like to describe it as VERY TRUTHFUL. I have gained some insights I have never found in other books I’ve read about parenting–being intentional, improving yourself (because you have much to improve), about moodiness which means being selfish, not putting premium over material things, practicing a one-man principle and more. I will not outline the 8 secrets here so you’ve got to figure that out when you read the book.

The book covers parenting for all ages, from babies up to the time when the children marries. Each chapter (each phase of child’s growth) is complete with the how-to tips on you should handle the situation.

What I like is the personal accounts and stories written by the Tan-chi family members to elaborate the point being discussed in each chapter. With their stories, you will gain knowledge on different problems children encountered as they grow like internet addiction, drug addiction, choosing a lifetime partner, choosing a career and facing family dilemmas.

You will also know here how to properly conduct a Bible Study for your children which I honestly like and practice with my two kids.

During reading, I actually laugh with them, cry at Joy’s Story and shared the ups and lows of their emotions. I’ve got to know them more in a deeper sense even if they don’t actually know me in person.

What is my verdict and will I recommend this book?

The 8 secrets mentioned here are not new to us. You can read them to any parenting books out there. What was different is on how the authors tried and tested and chronicle the results with their children. The result are children who fears and respect the Lord, children who are all successful in their chosen fields, and children who train their own kids as the way they are being trained by their own parents.

The authors put much effort as well on recording their experiences or perhaps recalling them to write the book. Actually, the real substance cannot be found in the 8 Secrets per se but in the content.

I stand by my belief that there is no such thing as a single formula for raising kids but I will give a thumbs up for this book for outlining the details of raising children.

I will give this book 4/4.

Who will benefit from this book?

If you are struggling with the step-by-step way of raising your kids and making sure that they follow God, this book is for you. If you love stories—love stories and true to life, this book is for you. If you are struggling on how to guide your children on choosing their lifetime partners, this book is for you. If you are facing family dilemma right now, like a rape of a child, you will gain strength and insights from this book. Lastly, if you doubt the truthfulness behind the resurrection of Jesus which is very important in our faith, this book also tackles that.

To those of you who are curious enough after this review, you can find it here. By using that link to purchase, you’ll help me continue this blog and contribute to my dream of owning this site to provide more helpful contents.

Do you have a secret on parenting your children? Please share on the comments.



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7 Ways on how to Wait without Losing your Patience and Peace

frugal thinker

Pondering over

bulky tomes, calmness settled

beguile tedious hours

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What is wrong with me? When my husband was here, I am forcing him to leave and start his job in Montalban right away. It’s just that I am afraid he will miss the opportunity and leave us no financial source at all.

But now that he’s there, I am tired of waiting when he will come back. This time, it is because I am afraid again… afraid for having no control of the situation. Afraid the what ifs—what if he didn’t return? What if he completely leaves us here in the midst of a very expensive city where I do not know where to go or who to call to in times of crisis?

I noticed, like many others I have a problem with waiting (and perhaps with sanity).

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how to accept your husband and save your marriage for last

warmest acceptance

continued love in marriage

happens in your hand

Maybe you are now beginning to see the things that you are too blind to see before.

His vices and bad attitudes suddenly become apparent to you. Maybe you are now noticing the darker side of him like laziness, eating too much, not liking to improve himself, not caring to his physical appearance, and being disorderly with his things in the house. All of the things that you have admired in him are now being replaced with the bad attitude that you seemed to ignore before.

Much worse, he’s so rigid and hostile when you remind him to change. What will you do now?

how to accept your husband

Although my husband is a Catholic and I am a Born Again Christian, faith never becomes an issue with us. It is because I am careful not to try to convince him to accept my belief. I don’t want to evangelize him or tell him anything about salvation. I just stayed where I am and do what I need to do as a Christian believer. Although, I am inviting him to go to church with us and most of the time he accompanied us, I never attempted to touch the part in his spiritual life that only the Lord can touch.

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4 life’s essentials that a stay-at-home woman should focus on to gain her self-fulfillment (even when she’s nailed at home)


I’m the butterfly–

gorgeous creature in your palm

vast canvas of life

Now that you all know I am staying home, I have decided to embrace it for the moment until of course God change the course of my life. By embracing I mean totally and wholly giving myself to my role as a wife and a mother. This means totally leaving the past behind no matter how hurting and how I missed my work.

Just yesterday, my mother’s package arrived from Saudi. These are big box of groceries, a drum of clothes, shoes and bags and another box of curtains, pillow covers and bed sheets. It arrived at around 8:30 am just when we are about to go to school to get my kid’s report cards.

I am so very grateful with all these blessings. This comes right on time, just when we need them because my hubby has to start working again and we need supplies until he receive his first salary.

However, as I am unpacking all the clothes and bags, I can’t help but felt an ache inside me. Those clothes are meant for office, for a working mother. The shoes, the blazers, the very attractive bags suits a working woman I used to be. That made me teary eyed.

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random thoughts, rants and lessons from my sons’ graduations


silent tears bursting

the clown’s smile faded faster

in that sweet event

This is a personal blog post. Please check my helpful posts if you are not comfortable reading personal accounts. Thanks.

By the way, if you did not yet see my free e-book please have a peek  here. 

Last Tuesday, I have attended Moving-up event and today, Hans graduation. Hywell is in Kinder and Hans is grade six. Both of them are studying in Rizal Makati Elementary School.

To document this most important event in my life (for my own benefit lol!) I will post today some of the random thoughts and lessons I learned during the time I am in those occasions at school.

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7 Days Encouraging Haiku and Verses -Free PDF Download

e-bookThe whole day today, I have busied myself experimenting with creating E-book as my way of thanking you for being here.

Among all of my other blogs, Cheerful Woman amazes me with lots of readers and likes. I really do not know how to thank you so I created a book for you to download for free.

7 Days Encouraging Haiku and Verses consists of encouraging verses and well-thought out Haiku (just like what you always see here). The goal is for you to have something to ponder upon this week. Something that you can read that will surely give you calm and peaceful reading.

Here’s what prompts me to experiment creating e-book:

  • It is my dream to really create one that I can give away and sell one day.
  • I would love to explore other avenues where I can express my creativity.
  • I really want to publish a book to share the wisdom I am gaining through reading and my personal experience.

I hope that by doing this, I can encourage you also to try. To be bold enough in trying other avenues that are inspiring, helpful and will give you a sense of pride and fulfillment.

7 Days Encouraging Haiku and Verses is not a perfect E-book as it is my very first try of creating it. Thanks to for giving me a chance to make my first step of E-book Creation come true. In fact, the last part is incomplete and I know I have a lot more to learn. Even so, I am still very proud doing it in a day. I feel very much productive this Good Friday, wohoo!

Here is the link. 

So, friends let me know how do you find the book. If you find it hard to access, please email me at espinajennifer143(at)gmail(dot)com. I will personally give you the link.

Until next!

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why I write my goals even if I am now a certified stay-at-home who have an unknown future?


candle bare flames

blackness arc of brilliant gold 

stray embers they see

Boredom slowly taking its toll on me. It is creeping inside my body, squeezing my heart and made me pull my hair one by one. What I will be doing now that I have to stay at home? WHAT WILL I GONNA DO NOW?!!!

You know, I get used to working 12 hours a day before. I am a very workaholic person. Now I am here? The whole day today, I spent watching drama on TV. I am crying the whole afternoon until my eyes gets bulky. WAAAA!

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