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Christian Book Review: Secrets of Fascinating Womanhood by Helen Andelin

Secrets of Fascinating Womanhood Book ReviewLet’s change topic for a while to give way to my abibliophobia. Whut?! I will review here the books that I read every week to share with you the overwhelming addiction I have in reading.

Let’s begin with Secrets of Fascinating Womanhood by Helen Andelin which I have finished last week.

The book starts with Angela, the main character, a teacher with two children named David and Tiphony. She happened to be newly separated to his husband Ted. This separation gives her pain, bitterness, self-pity and depression. But things changed when she meet Ami, her old time friend. She meet her in church. Ami introduced her to the Fascinating Womanhood Course. Hesitant at first but she tried to attend the course that eventually changed her perspective about her husband and her marriage.

I found this book very different from all the books I have read so far. Here, I was like attending the course myself. Seeing myself with the other Fascinating Women, sitting side by side with them while hearing lessons from Harmony, the teacher. I love every interaction. Truly, I can relate so much that I rushed home from work just to read the next chapter.

The book promised to show us how to unlock the love and tenderness of our husbands among other things like the following:

  • Save you failing marriage
  • Make your good marriage better
  • Develop your full potential as a woman
  • Increase your self-confidence
  • Feel happier, more lovely, more feminine

It discusses 10 Secrets that mostly, I found so true. I am enticed to do them to test if these are effective and yes, I will inform you about the results later.

The lessons found there can be manipulative if used the wrong way.  Since it teaches Biblical truths about the roles of man and woman, this may gather criticisms to those who do not believe in His Words and to those who seek equality to man. You know where I stand, didn’t you? I’d rather celebrate and do my roles gladly as a mother and a housekeeper than compete with masculine tasks meant for my husband. I’d like to be feminine in all ways, too and that must be in direct proportion to his masculinity.

Christian wives and mothers, I would recommend that you read this book. I will rate it 4/4 because I really enjoyed reading it. This is indeed an interesting read. You can find old copy of this book here.

If you want the updated version of this book please follow this link. In purchasing this book, you will help me earn a little commission. Thanks.

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