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7 Days Encouraging Haiku and Verses -Free PDF Download

e-bookThe whole day today, I have busied myself experimenting with creating E-book as my way of thanking you for being here.

Among all of my other blogs, Cheerful Woman amazes me with lots of readers and likes. I really do not know how to thank you so I created a book for you to download for free.

7 Days Encouraging Haiku and Verses consists of encouraging verses and well-thought out Haiku (just like what you always see here). The goal is for you to have something to ponder upon this week. Something that you can read that will surely give you calm and peaceful reading.

Here’s what prompts me to experiment creating e-book:

  • It is my dream to really create one that I can give away and sell one day.
  • I would love to explore other avenues where I can express my creativity.
  • I really want to publish a book to share the wisdom I am gaining through reading and my personal experience.

I hope that by doing this, I can encourage you also to try. To be bold enough in trying other avenues that are inspiring, helpful and will give you a sense of pride and fulfillment.

7 Days Encouraging Haiku and Verses is not a perfect E-book as it is my very first try of creating it. Thanks to for giving me a chance to make my first step of E-book Creation come true. In fact, the last part is incomplete and I know I have a lot more to learn. Even so, I am still very proud doing it in a day. I feel very much productive this Good Friday, wohoo!

Here is the link. 

So, friends let me know how do you find the book. If you find it hard to access, please email me at espinajennifer143(at)gmail(dot)com. I will personally give you the link.

Until next!



I am Jennifer, a Christian from the Philippines, a mother of two young boys, a wife, a lover of Jesus, a blogger, a writer, a self-made artist, a journaler, a coffee & doodles lover, and sometimes a poet by heart. Hey there, friend! I'm so thrilled you stopped by! I love working to be a purposeful stay-at-home mom and I wish to help others do the same. Welcome here!

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