20160806_164027Welcome to my blog!

I am Jennifer Espina, 40 years old working mother (at the time when I started this blog), mother of two young boys, a wife to Henry and a Born Again Christian living in Makati Philippines.

By heart, I love to write, to draw, to create haiku poems, to cook and to read books. I love to travel too however, that I could not afford by now.

This blog’s journey really started when I left my job in a prestigious international company based here in our country because I can’t be able to withstand the pressures and stress from my boss, the management, and the tenured employees.

When Hubby told me that there is an opportunity for him in Montalban, I never hesitated to leave my jobleave my job and continue my passion of blogging while staying home with my two kids, Hans and Hywell.

Being a Born Again Christian myself, I decided to be more focused with my blogging now more than ever.  I would like to explore these five phases we, Christian stay-at-home mother and wives must think about seriously:

  1. Faith – this is integrated in every topic I am discussing weekly. To give you an idea, I am a Born Again Christian who believes in the doctrine of Trinity and is more a Calvinists by heart. I believe in rightly dividing the Word of Truth.
  2. MarriageI am married to unbeliever (please don’t judge me) but with the help of God, the marriage lasted until today. I know there’s much to learn here for I think I have all the hardest to tackle problems in my marriage like interfaith relationship and long-distance relationship. Stay with me, and you will learn how we are surviving.
  3. Parenting – still a work in progress. I may not be a perfect mom yet I am able to nurture two kind, obedient and talented boys. I will share to you my opinion in this subject but I would encourage you to listen to your gut instinct when mothering your children. Remember, no families are the same and no parents are the same.
  4. Personal Growth – here I discuss my experiences as I am working with my attitude and bad behaviors. A lot of my posts are focus on this with the steps I am taking to reach real maturity.
  5. Homemaking – my personal tips and strategies on how I manage the house.
  6. Finance and earnings are discussed in my new blog here.

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One day, I will be posting here in this page the milestones I have accomplish so far. But for now, sufficed it to say that I am here first to share in the hopes that by sharing my own life and strategies I’ll be able to help you be the purposeful stay-at-home parent that you ought to be. With this, we have nothing to be ashamed of… be proud to be one!

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