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7 Things We, Christian Bloggers often Forgets

Cheerful Woman’s Haiku Today

diligent purpose

not a silhouette fading black

ink on paper drop

It’s just the other day that I came to think how my words as a professed Christian Blogger impact you, Cheerful friends! Suddenly, God touches my heart to remind me of the thing I might have been forgotten. The things that should have been the real reason why I blog in the first place.

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to you who’s afraid to share your photos

Finally, I jumped into the open of sharing our photos here. I did not do it before because of so many reasons. Privacy. Fear. Shame. But now, I am here gathering all the photos I have accumulated for years to share them with you.

This is not to brag about my physical appearance just like what others did because for sure, I do not have that. That’s one main reason why I do not want to share photos in the first place.

This is about sharing the stories behind those photos.

This is more about gathering memories into this blog.

This is about celebrating the gifts of the Lord and how I am created according to His image.

This is about strengthening my self-esteem.

This is about sharing testimonies behind every single photo I shared here.

The Bible says, Therefore do not be ashamed of the testimony about our Lord…

Because we all know that we are unique in our own ways. We are the only person who can share who we are and how different we are from others.

You, what is your reason why you share your photos? Your selfies? Is that to brag or to share the beautiful stories behind them? What are your fears of sharing? What are the limits you set to yourself in sharing? What is your motive why you share?

sharing photos