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the single thing in your life that never runs out

a transitory

allies of convenience gained

daily provisions

What is the single, material thing in your life that is constantly present that reminds you that you never lack of good things from the Lord?

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to you who will about to lost all that you depends upon

take heart

We have an on-the-spot eating out with my colleagues and Boss M. This is such a happy gatherings and filling one. We ate to our heart’s delight!

I ate a lot especially if I have to pay Php500.00 with that just one eating. I have to taste everything, from calamares, to barbecue, to crab, to squid, to sea shells, to sea weeds – yuck! If I can eat the sticks and the large bamboo that divides the food well, I can swallow them all. To hell with my growing tummy! I don’t care. I must eat the equivalent of the money I have paid for the food.

Because… because I am sad… so sad that if I can give myself a chance to cry that very moment, I can enable those sea foods creature swim to my tears instead of swimming in my stomach.

This is so crazy lonely!

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101 reason not to read your Bible and my secret of pushing myself to read it


Fresh leaves keeps falling

Dries up, decayed, rolled and gone

Like Bible’s blurred words

Happy to announce that I am now in the book of 1 Samuel. Have gone reading a lot! Lots of amazing stories of Israel, their triumphs, their failures, their successes, dramas, war all intertwined with God’s miracles.

While reading, I can’t help but say “Wow!” at times, feel sad at times, feels hatred, pity, joy… most of the times, I cried as I see the Bible characters comes to life. It’s a good thing that I read while pooping. At least, I am inside my comfort station and no one is seeing me crying there. Just fine, except that it’s hard to cry with the smell.

Real thing is I am beginning to appreciate my reading the Bible. There are two secrets of doing that. I’ll tell you later. But before, I was like you. Yes, you! I have a thousand reasons not to read the Bible… here’s the top ten:

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top 10 facts about the Proverbs 31 woman


middle of the night

virtuous woman works so hard

face, a shining light!


Who is the Proverbs 31 woman to you?

Is she a stay-at-home woman or a working mom? Is she a simple wife without any make-up and dresses a usual t-shirt? Does she sleep early and wake-up late? Is she a planner? An organizer? A multitasker?

I always hear about her. Interpretation about her becomes a cliché already for me. But I believe that all of us have our own interpretation of every verse we read in the Bible depending on how the Holy Spirit minister to our hearts.

So today, let me share to you how I view the Proverbs 31 woman. How descriptions about her speaks to my heart. And how I am nearly measuring up to her. Yay!

I have here the top ten things about her that’s worthy for us to possess as a Christian woman.

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how’s your health?


don’t dare break the glass

that’s keeping the fire inside

else the light will stop 

How do you take care of yourself nowadays? How do you treat your body which is the temple of the Holy Spirit? How do you feed the vessel use by the Lord to advance His Kingdom to the world? Have you ever think of living a long life serving our Father in heaven?

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on the pointless road

Knife cuts deeply inside

A carve to a trunk of tree

Healed but stays for life

Walking like I am going nowhere today. My shoulders are down and I was in between happy of being free again from the chain of my work and lonely because my money decreases back to its original status when we can’t even let both ends meet.

A lot of things run through my mind. Shall we return to the province and call this quit? Shall I apply there or shall I stay here?

Life in the workplace suddenly becomes dark especially now that I hear from Boss P that I am a useless part of our company. Staying there further could make them all the more hate me… and I, I am in the clouds of doubt.

Where the Lord does wants me to go this time? What awaits me right around the corner? What is there at the end of this long, long dark tunnel?

Aahh! I don’t know. I would like to simply throw all my weight to the Lord and stay there momentarily. Let me taste peace once in a while my mind was darkened by the persecution that’s happening in the workplace.


After all, no matter how I am heavy laden, I knew by heart that I can trust the Lord for my future. I can trust Him for the provision.

Even so, I am more agitated nowadays than I was before. I easily got angry to the loves of my life.

I am currently into gathering the broken pieces of me that seems to be impossible to bring back into place.

jams wedding 003

But Jesus heals the broken heart. The process maybe painful – from the cut of the knife, to the blood that falls, down to the process of healing… it takes time. Now I am grieving over that pain I gathered lately but then again faith keeps me alive.

As usual, I am rebelling against those who hurt me. I am carving plans of little revenge against those inutile leaders who crashed my soul into pieces.

But God said… “Stand still and know that I am God. Revenge belongs to me.” As her child, I am trying to listen amidst the noise. Amidst the turbulence inside. God said, “My sheep hear my voice and I know them and they follow me.”



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when was the right time to read the Bible?

Quotes 2

Setting aside time to read the Bible and meditate on it doesn’t work for me.  For once, I am a working mother who spent almost twelve hours in the office and attend to my household chores right after that. Sometimes, we are also obligated to go to work even at our day offs. Hence, there is no alone time for reading the Bible let alone for meditation.

But I want to read it. It’s been my goal a year ago to read the whole Bible. It’s a guilt for me that I am able to read volumes of books but unable to read my very own Bible.

What works in my busy schedule is this: I read whenever I have time, wherever I am. No planning needed.

You won’t believe it but most of my reading are done while I am sitting on a toilet bowl. That’s a chapter at a time. I’m proud to say that by that method, I am now in the book of Joshua witnessing his leadership, cunning at war and courage that comes from the Lord.

Planning to read the Bible in a year will not work unless you are determined to read it anytime and anywhere.

When reading your Bible, it’s not the kind of place or how free is your time or how quiet the moment that counts. What’s important is you read. You find time to listen to the Word.

Surely, you can read the whole Book in a year or so.

When and where did you read your Bible?