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how to accept your husband and save your marriage for last

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Maybe you are now beginning to see the things that you are too blind to see before.

His vices and bad attitudes suddenly become apparent to you. Maybe you are now noticing the darker side of him like laziness, eating too much, not liking to improve himself, not caring to his physical appearance, and being disorderly with his things in the house. All of the things that you have admired in him are now being replaced with the bad attitude that you seemed to ignore before.

Much worse, he’s so rigid and hostile when you remind him to change. What will you do now?

how to accept your husband

Although my husband is a Catholic and I am a Born Again Christian, faith never becomes an issue with us. It is because I am careful not to try to convince him to accept my belief. I don’t want to evangelize him or tell him anything about salvation. I just stayed where I am and do what I need to do as a Christian believer. Although, I am inviting him to go to church with us and most of the time he accompanied us, I never attempted to touch the part in his spiritual life that only the Lord can touch.

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to you who’s tempted to love someone else

My wish was granted today, Valentines day. Wednesday becomes my day-off instead of Saturday. This means I have a rest in between the busy weekdays and Sunday, a time to go church.

This is great! My favorite day at work is Saturday, there’s too few people in the operation’s room. Too few employee roaming around in the pantry. No boss to work around. Yey!

And Wednesday, well, I can now go to bank and open account. I can now go to Government offices to renew my ID’s.

Ahh, best time to celebrate. I am able now to spent 8 hours in bed. Oh yeah, there’s a lot to think about in the office. There are over a hundred of emails waiting to bury me at work. Bull snot! I don’t want to think about that today! To hell with the devil.

Enough about that, let’s talk about the delicate subject of infidelity because I know, I know… we are capable of loving another person other than the one we married. This is my Valentines special post today! Sigh!

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