Christian Book Review Policy


Welcome here Christian Authors and readers!

Since I am a certified Bibliophile who happened to have more than a hundred of books in my house, I decided to review books here in my blog.

What I will review?

Fiction or non-fiction that echoes the general theme of Cheerful Thoughts blog — marriage, working mother, parenting, memoir, art, poem, prayer and devotional where lessons also reflects the truth of the Word of God. This should be in PDF form send to me through email (espinajennifer143(at)gmail(dot)com.

I will provide an honest review in exchange of a free book copy and a donation of any amount from you. Additionally, you will have to give me a month to read the book thoroughly. I don’t want to write a review without really reading the book.

What I will not review here?

Fiction and non-fiction books or any books with worldly views. Theology books or Christian books with so deep message that it will require me ample amount of time to chew it. Please, have me something easy to understand and something my readers and I can relate to.

How I will review your book? 

I usually find a story from my life or others that I can relate to your book’s message and tell them here in a narrative way. I will focus on the lesson and on how the book delivers what it promised from the blurb and title. I will recommend it to readers who will benefit more from reading the book. Since this is an honest review, I will be very open on what I like and what I don’t like from the book. Finally, I will rate it based on the following:

1 = bad

2 = fair

3 = good

4 = excellent

Is this a paid review? 

Although, I will accept a donation of any amount from the author, still my review will be based on my standard. I will tell frankly if I like it or not and I will outline the reasons why. Again, please understand that it is for the benefits of the readers in this blog.

If you are interested, feel free to email me and we will discuss everything about your book.