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the single thing in your life that never runs out

a transitory

allies of convenience gained

daily provisions

What is the single, material thing in your life that is constantly present that reminds you that you never lack of good things from the Lord?

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why I write my goals even if I am now a certified stay-at-home who have an unknown future?


candle bare flames

blackness arc of brilliant gold 

stray embers they see

Boredom slowly taking its toll on me. It is creeping inside my body, squeezing my heart and made me pull my hair one by one. What I will be doing now that I have to stay at home? WHAT WILL I GONNA DO NOW?!!!

You know, I get used to working 12 hours a day before. I am a very workaholic person. Now I am here? The whole day today, I spent watching drama on TV. I am crying the whole afternoon until my eyes gets bulky. WAAAA!

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5 reasons why a stay-at-home must look her best every day

stay-at-home haiku1

lips smeared of chartreuse-

a rose be-speckled with dew

wondrin’ youth leaves me


Now that I am staying home for good, I am wondering what to do with my make-up, shoes and clothes I bought during office days? Can I still wear them at home? Can I still look my best even if all I have to do is wash the clothes, wash the dishes, and scrub my CR’s filthy floor?

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how to get back to being a stay-at-home mom after losing your job?

stay-at-home haiku

black hole in my head

a void, swallowing my hopes

slowly disappear

I am out of the office officially now. Yesterday, I have decided not go back at all. I have just made sure I will get my salary this 3/25. I am really, really happy that what I got as I leave is the same amount my husband got when he lost his job. That’s enough for us to float for three months back then.

But you know what? I am so afraid like I have to see the horrifying Michael Myers in John Carpenter’s film Halloween (I’m not yet born when this film was created). Well,  I don’t know where we go from here now that I lost my best source of income. The income that gives us food on the table, appliances, clothes, groceries and sense of pride. Now it’s gone.

After leaving the office, I ate Lumpiang Sariwa in Goldilocks, Market-market. From there, I am seeing SM Aura where my office is… Gosh! I wanna cry.

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when a woman must stop working

magpie robin singing haiku


a bird musical sound

brings back into the moment

seed of nature’s peace

I don’t know what I am feeling as I handed my resignation paper to Boss M. Part of me is happy, really, really happy to finally free myself from that job full of nasty people. Another part though dies in me. There are times when I am subdued with loneliness because I know, I’ll get back to being financially useless again.

Soon, I’ll once again be imprisoned inside the house.

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9 worthy things to do when you are being treated harshly


lampposts cast over

stranger’s noises engulfs me

my heart, a steady rhythm

This morning, I found my friend Barbie (not her real name) crying in front of her computer. She told me she can’t take it anymore. She said everybody in the office hates her; this made her depressed and can’t sleep at night. I want to comfort her but when I about to tell her the world’s most comforting words, “It’s okay,” I burst in tears with my usual howling cries. Obviously, “It’s not okaaaay!” Such a shame!

Bullies in our office are usually the tenured ones. They are not necessarily the Supervisors or Team leaders. They are not the managers. They are only the tenured employees who feel that because they last longer in the company, they are already became its owner.

They will shout at you, belittle you, shame you in front of others, bully you, use their imaginary power over you, say all the bad things about you, hurt you emotionally every single day, make you cry, make you feel inferior and not enough and worst, made you overwhelmed by their appeal that oozes with insecurity. Are they aware of these attitudes? They’re not!

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10 ways to know if it’s time to leave your job and tips on how to do it gracefully

forest haiku

lost in the forest

driftwood, twisting in patterns

golden rays of spring

I know we, who have no steady flow of income will not risk leaving our jobs no matter how crazy this made our lives to be. We don’t want to rush leaving because for sure, we will end up eating rice and salt for the following days and months. We’d rather eat our pride for as long as it can fill our stomachs than leave prematurely, right?

But for the love of Pete, time will come when it’s time to turn our back and look for the greener pasture and you know when that be.

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how to accept job related termination?

Haiku star

When a star falls down

In an afternoon sunset

Be calm and just watch

How it feels to be terminated in a job where you give your all? I hope it is only as difficult as eating Durian after being suffocated by its smell. Or gobbling a whole sandwich with earthworm-butter-spread in it. But it’s not! It’s painful, so painful like when they cut my womb during my cesarean operation with Hywell, only this time, the feeling is without anesthesia.

Job termination can make you crazy, lower your self-esteem, make you feel useless, make you feel life is so unfair and can kill your future dreams in an instant.

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5 reasons why I write nowadays to make you and me smile

funny haiku

been here sitting

figuring out the reason

 to smile with this face

“I write to smile because life is hard.”

My husband who used to drive a Mitsubishi Strada GL was reduced to driving a tricycle, to motorcycle and now… a bike? He used to eat in the most sociable restaurants in Metro Manila and even enjoy drinking Starbucks coffee (something I don’t even tasted up to this day) in his breakfast with the Chinese. Now I found him drinking Café Puro while complaining why there is no enough food on the table. I remember last Sunday, during grocery; he is asking me to purchase a chili-Chinese noodles that he used to eat before which I politely declined because that costs Php 55.00 a pack. That’s equivalent to 6 pieces of Lucky Me noodles!

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